Accessing your Innate Strengths and Gifts

Strengths and Gifts seems to be the talk of the town as the key to unlocking all your dreams – unicorns, bubbles and rainbows inclusive.

Strengths seems to be the buzz word in personal development circles for years. Whereas gifts really seems to be the buzz word in spiritual places. Everywhere you turn people are either talking about dealing or healing your shadow, embracing your gifts and using your strengths as your genius.

I’m a big fan of introspection and self-reflection. But lately I’ve been asking my Self “at what point does asking ‘why’ stop me from living?” and what to do about it when I’m at that point.

Knowing your strengths and how to work with them charges you up. It literally turns on the pump for your happy hormones in your endocrine system. It’s like the never ending battery supply of joyful flow in your life. The reason this happens is that you are always connecting with your highest frequency state, i.e. the states that come naturally to you. You don’t have to think about them, they are you.


“Your strengths flow through all your actions in life without you even noticing them”.


Your strengths are innately linked to your individualised self – your ‘ego’, your Door 1 you. In the aspect of your ‘ego’, your strengths are also offered to you as your access way to living into gifts and bring out the best of you in alignment with your highest potentiality in this life – your ‘me-go’.

Your ‘me-go’ is the individual-in-the-collective Self, your Door 2 You. It has larger access to consciousness and allows you to take more in than your individualised self does. Where by your individualised self fights and struggles with suffering in the shadow, using your strengths as its aid; your individual-in-the-collective Self cultivates and amplifies your gifts through connection with others in the collective. Like attracting like, amassing energy to boost your frequency and those around you that you are resonating with.

In order to connect further to my gifts and springboard instead of struggle with my strengths, I stopped asking ‘why’ and instead started to be with ‘what is’.


“Being with ‘what-is’ allows me to drop further into my own truth and trust my gifts to bring me the opportunities in line with my natural path.”

Staying true to your ‘me-go’ instead of fighting with your ‘ego’ boosts your energy and allows you to create more of the life you are dreaming of. It attracts opportunities to you as you now have awareness and insight into what feels easeful for you and therefore also have clarity through contrast of who else might add to your easeful experience by supplementing or complimenting your strengths.

Here’s a few ways to get in touch with and cultivate your innate strengths and gifts:

Contemplation – is the harmony between meditation and action taking. Contemplation allows you to consider an area or your #life with fresh eyes, without judgement and through the lens of curiosity and awareness. What do you notice about who you be in relationships? what do you enjoy doing as actions the most? is there places that you prefer over others? Contemplation helps to bring awareness to your #life in the current moments, especially preceding and after you make time to sit in contemplation of it.

Retrospection – what have you always done in your life, no matter the circumstances, or the task at hand or who you were with – do you leap before you look? do you consider all the options? are you above all ease wary of the world? How have you always innately interacted with #life?

Spiritual Tools – astrology, numerology, Gene Keys, Human Design – these insightful tools are all ways to gain greater understanding about your individualised experience. All have connection to the date of your birth in at a specific set point of time, usually in relation to where Earth was to the Sun. Contemplation on key themes and aspects provided through these tools is terrific for providing additional awareness to ‘what is’ in your life.

Personality and Psychographic Tools – from Myers-Briggs, to DISC, to Gallup Strengths, to Jung Archetypes – provide us with filters in order to understand our individualised self further. These traits and archetypes give us access to the construct of consciousness. That is, they allow us to experience #life first hand as the participator. We are in the narrative, we are saying our lines and we get to experience our reality from the script, in the drama, in the highs and lows of the polarity and in the ever marching constant of Time.

“Understanding through these tools also allows us to compare, label and judge #life around us, which when applied to the individualised self opens up our experience of polarity, duality and our ability to greater understand of our role as the ‘me-go’ – individual-in-the-collective Self and how our role interfaces with the wider collective of humanity as a species.”

Pairing Personality and Psychographic Tools with Retrospection is a cracker of a combination to gain greater access to expanding your consciousness and allowing you to perceive greater connections laterally, symbolically, figuratively and mythically. All providing greater depth to your understanding and satiating your ‘why’ and allowing you to open further to your natural path of highest potentiality in your ‘what is’.

Consciousness Tools – 3-Brains ‘What Is’ Dialogue, Theta-State Dialogue, Intuitive Types, Stream of Consciousness Writing, Multi-sensory experiences – are all direct ways to access your highest dimension of consciousness available to you, in line with your ‘me-go’. These tools are without filters or lenses and do not require translation. They connect directly into your happy hormone system in the body – Serotonin. They can be applied to your current situation through direct application and require little pre-cognition or interpretation.


I love a full multi-sensory experience of a degustation menu and the consuming aspect of food to blend, trigger my happy hormones and spark new perspectives on ideas and challenges. It by-passes my intellectual mind!

I also find a cup of tea to be the perfect contemplation companion for my moments of ‘what is’ contemplation.

What do you find allows you to connect best?



If you would like to have real connections with other like hearted entrepreneurs and business connectors for some ah-ha moments in your business by accessing your innate strengths and gifts, then join me for a WE-Being “degustation in business” workshop.

Using the multi-sensory power of happy hormone food and  beverages of “Serotonin Eatery” here in Melbourne, we guide you through a series of degustation courses, paired with adaptable exercises to help you to revel in your strengths and gifts and provide you with your key insight to move forward in your business and personal growth.

We want you to expand and move forward in your new idea or create break-through your current business challenge.

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