Activation from our environment, comes as those little tingles, the prickles, the visceral feeling of truth that you can feel in your body. It’s those quiet moments where you know that the essence of what has just been seen, felt or sensed has connected with you on a deep knowing level.

Well-being is portrayed as something that is complex and has a myriad of options. How do you know what it is to be a well-being? How do you help yourself to become a well-being, and what does well-being have to do with honouring what you sense in activation from our environment?

Our Environment –

is made up of the layers of reality that are around you as well as everything you interact with using your senses – see, touch, smell, taste, hear. Your environment is the information that is created as your external world interactions.

Receiving activation from your external environment is a natural a process as breathing. The information rushes in from all senses and embraces your being.

“The well-being aspect is the balance of this information, the harmonisation of these energies.”


The Role of our Senses –

As humans the role of our senses is to assist us in understanding our environment, assisting us to translate what we perceive and offering us the opportunity to respond to our environment around us as it dynamically changes.

Each sense provides us with a unique interaction point within our environment and stimulates our body functions and energy. The senses therefore stimulate the activations from our environment. These activations can serve us to create, inspire, relate, connect, empathise and have compassion for people, nature and the world around us.

“They are how we come to understand our relationship with our world, our Earth, nature; and our ability to relate to them all.”

Using your senses as your guide to well-being –

The segments of well-being that come to be harmonised through our experiences include:
the food we eat – happy hormone foods that increase serotonin assist us to be in a positive frequency, lifting our spirits and feeding our physical body with the nutrients to keep our body systems running at peak performance;


“Activation from our environment is an interaction with our reality.”

The greater we can stimulate our senses in activation from our an environment, in a way that is with conscious awareness, the greater ability we have of connecting information through these streams that are coming to us and through eat interaction with have with our reality.

In business in our life, if we are able harness the power of these interactions and activations we can drop into even greater depths of awareness and open our selves to greater level of consciousness, in turn opening us to greater levels of ease, flow and joy in our lives and what we are creating through them in our families, our businesses and all our interactions.


Top 5 tips for greater Activation from our Environment:

  1. Become aware of which sense you find the most enjoyment with. Is eating a whole-some balanced meal providing you with greater well-being? can you feel the happy hormones rising when you eat something joyfully?
  2. Get to know your favourite surrounding and try to offer it to your self to experience on a daily basis. Do you find yourself clearer in nature, modern design or a pretty vase of flowers?
  3. Practice lounge-room karaoke. Listening to your favourite tunes and belting out your favourite karaoke song opens you to both brain hemispheres and allows body, mind and soul connection. What’s your favourite karaoke song?
  4. Know when your senses are becoming over stimulated and over loaded, bring your attention to your breath and focus on the breath in, the breath out. What sense helps you to become calm and relax? Focus on only this sense.
  5. Sit peacefully for a moment in the silence and connect with each sense individually and feel what it wants to offer you in its wisdom. The connection that each one offers is the opportunity for greater spark of connection.


Which of your senses is your strongest sense?



If you would like to use your senses to by-pass your intellectual mind and discover the depths of your innate business wisdom,  then join me for a WE-Being “degustation in business” workshop.

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