There’s a lot of talk about vaccinations. What if there was a way to be in conscious vaccination?

Vaccination is a highly emotive subject with polarised views usually of pro-vax or anti-vax which mirrors our wider polarised society.

“As with all approaches to life I try to contemplate if there is a harmonised experience to be had. An in between. A grey of highest potential. With this topic of experience, I’m terming it conscious vaccination.”


Why this came about…

As I make the transition to integrating the ‘Mother’ role in becoming not only a Conscious CEO, Founder and Mentor of WE-Being but also choosing to stand in my vulnerability of being seen in my own well-being journey and expanding my sharings, learnings and insights around some of the other roles I have in my life.

A key one of these roles is the conscious journey of being and becoming a wife and now soon-to-be mother through sharing more of what my husband and I have undertaken of the last 3 years to conceive and start our family together.


I feel it’s important for me to share more around my personal journey with you here on my mentor practice website as I transition this space more to be aligned with my #life practices and who I be holisitically in my mission and personal need of being and becoming a well-being. As I also move more of my mentoring practice over to take up the position with WE-Being as Head of Mentoring in our business and well-being agency, as well as in my capacity as Conscious CEO and Founder of WE-Being.


It’s from this transition point that I want to bring this post back to my current and newest practice.

Coming up with a Practice

Although in discussion with our obstatrician, I was initially disappointed that whooping cough didn’t come as a single dosage and also in having observed the carrier ingredients in the past as they integrated with my body with the same vaccination 4 years ago when my nephew was born and others 3 years before that before I went travelling.

However, I also knew my body, mind and soul had become more expanded, well and whole since that time.


This prompted me to contemplate and come up with a hypothesis to test as…

“I want to see if I am able to experience more of the grey harmony of highest potential that is possible around this highly charged and emotive topic of vaccinations.”


Fortunately I am surrounded with a wonderful health-care and well-being team around our home, as well as having connected to some brilliant practitioners online. With our team in place I began to formulate my experiment.


The Formula

As with all experiments we encourage through WE-Being for people to try in their #businesspractice or #life practices, here is the formula for the experiment…


“Here is my version for vaccinations.”


Conscious Vaccination Experiment::

I want to feel comfortable, peaceful, calm and empowered to choose our vaccination path with our family. This means understanding our options, support available, what ‘our-way’ may look like and reviewing research for all perspectives around vaccinations (pro, anti and in between such as delayed scheduling and partial vaccinations).

If we choose to vaccinate, for this experience to be one of feeling comfortable, peaceful, calm, empowered and able to integrate the viruses with ease.


“I want to see if I am able to experience more of the grey harmony of highest potential that is possible around this highly charged and emotive topic of vaccinations.”


  1. Using the frequencies (power/ energy) of presence and intention, as well as the frequencies of appropriate supplements : to support ease of integration with the collective consciousness of each virus in the Boostrix combination – diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough) and poliomyelitis (polio).
  2. Supporting methylation and detoxification through focused integration and elimination for substances like aluminium, excess formaldehyde etc; as used as carrier ingredients in the vaccination formulation.
  3.  Observe results from Body, Mind and Spirit perspectives.


Observation to be undertaken of physical symptoms, thoughts, feelings and personal experience.


Undertaking the Experiment:

In performing this experiment space was held for me to sit in a theta brainwave state (higher consciousness) and with the process of bringing my GP’s awareness, my own and my connection with our baby-in-utero and my husband in mind; while each holding the vile of vaccine my GP and I spoke words of intention for the ease of the integration, for the support of the collective, for the connection with the intention of the vaccination and that of the collective consciousness of the different viruses, as well as assisting to ground access to the highest potential for what’s possible with vaccination within human collective of society and for that within our family harmonic with this process.



The visceral sensations observed by myself and my GP were congruent with each of our own experiences of working with higher frequency states and the resonance of truth spoken through our words, and our connection felt to be in resonance with the powers of presence and intention.

The supporting supplements through naturopathy, homeopathy and also integrative support through holistic osteopathy enabled ease of bodily functions of elimination – bowel and urine movements as well as activity appropriate levels of sweating. Methylation and detoxification were therefore supported during the days since vaccination.


What it created for me to experience…

As in nature, when nature creates form it does so in complete presence and wonderment of the creation of itself. It has been shown to me that this is part of the process that is ‘missing’ when it comes to the synthesised creation of a vaccination in a laboratory or by machines with regulation in a production environment.

Through the process we created in this experience, presence was again reinstated with collective consciousness of the viruses. In turn we each felt the effect of this each in the ease of integration.

conscious vaccination_virus


Disclaimer: This is not intended as medical advice or a recommendation of any kind. It does not endorse anti-vaccination or pro-vaccination. It is offered as one person’s perspective and lived experience and should be viewed in this light.

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