People are Transmuters, Transformers, Transponders, Transistors as Energy Frequency Points on Earth

Natural Tendencies –

Paeople are anchor, signal or frequency points for energy to be conducted in relation to the Earth and the Earth’s energy body of Gaia. We have the opportunity and capacity to transmute, transform, transpond and transist in order to help the human evolution and collection of humanity on Earth.

This includes all of Earth’s inhabitants – people, planet and nature.

In this article I attempt to outline these roles and their challenges and the opportunities we have by  embracing their unique references. They are in no way fully detailed, nor are they exact or a means in which to limit yourself, your expression of you or how you experience life. They are a guide for those looking for understanding about the role they feel they have been playing all their lives, and in some cases have been experiencing suffering in for many years.

Through this awareness comes self-responsibility and offers you a choice through information and knowledge of how you would like to move forward in your human experience. It is a doorway for further self exploration.

It’s an opportunity for your own discovery.


Transmuters and transformers –
Transmuters evolve one form, nature, substance, energy or state into another.
Transforms are the way this happens.

The difference between the transmuter and the transformer is the empowered body state – the beingness, the unification reality process.

This comes when the transmuter realizes that the “I” or the individual view is not the processing power, and instead actualizes the “we”, or collective as the power.

There is a sense that the individual responsibility that was felt, along with the stages of sense of power and purpose. These are then foregone to allow a knowing of total unity in the state and ability to transform as the collective.

This amplifies the nature of the form so that it is quicker, easier and less taxing on the “I” or individual form.
It’s this shift in the recognition of responsibility that frees the form and thoughts attached to it of the transmuter to evolve into a transformer and their ability to access thought form.


The role driver is consolidation for the transmuter and harmonization for the transformer.


You may swing or polarize between these states until you are able to hold a continuous state. It is a remembrance and practice and continued resolve to bring awareness to the frequency of collective consciousness able to be accessed. If it’s only the negative all the time, there is opportunity to experience another perspective and frequency.


Signs of a transmuter –
• Tightness in the muscles – especially the thighs and the hips.
• Upper left arm effects during high emotion periods relating to personal circumstance.
• Digestive issues
• Inflammation
• Issues with bacteria, microbiota, parasites, viruses
• Over giver and helper
• Feelings of self sacrifice, isolation, not enough – doing/ being.
• Reactory

Signs of a transformer –
• Open feeling in heart-space
• Feeling supported, ability to trust what is, adaptive, responsive
• Comfortable on leading edge of natural chaos
• Body harmony


Examples of a transformer are nature, the indigenous and traditional cultures and those who live into the unity consciousness state. Mental and Psychological intuitives.


Transponder –
An interconnected unit that forms a communications channel between the receiving and the transmitting unit.

In it’s advanced function of awareness, it may also become a monitoring, or control device that picks up and automatically responds to an incoming signal.

The role driver is distribution.

It is made available to assist with the frequency distribution of a signal – how far or wide a signal can reach.

In it’s simple function, it operates as a singularity, processing in reaction to what it has processed previously. Think of this as a baseline or databank of response. If the baseline is lived, learned or inherited as options to respond, the signal is weight-loaded with an additional frequency which is the previously processed signal – as reaction, not response. This tends to add a disturbance to the distribution and can send all other units in relation with that unit into a pattern of disturbance.

In it’s most advanced function, it is back to being a conduit. Without reaction and adding to the transmission, it is simply able to distribute the signal far and wide, through as many interconnected networks possible.


Signs of an disharmonised transponder –
• Lower body issues.
• Feel like the weight of the world on their shoulders at times.
• Feel like don’t want to let others down.

Signs of a transformer –
• Open and comfortable feeling no matter where you are.
• Feeling sense of peace, ease, at home in yourself.
• Being able to be the observer and witness without judgement.
• Body-spirit harmony.


Examples of a transformer are Earth gridlines and leylines/ songlines, tree roots, cardinal directions, longitude and latitude lines like the equator; physical and spiritual intuitives.


Transistor –
A unit to amplify or switch signals to power.

In its lesser capacity there may be challenges relating to feeling as though you are using this power for what you want or what you don’t want. Understanding how best for you to hone this natural tendency allows you to direct this signal into power that is congruent or aligned with the outcome you are desiring.

This is usually discovered through the process of manifestation.

Manifestation brings you the opportunity to see where the signal is being diverted. This is through the contrast/ clarity that you are in when the initial thought comes in to you. If you allow what is to come in and notice what you notice, you will likely become aware to the originating, inspired thought form in it’s highest potential.

If you are distracted by the thought form that comes and allow the emotion that comes in with the initial thought form to overwhelm the experience of simply perceiving the thought form, you will find that what is manifested is almost tainted by the frequency that came in reaction to your initial thought form.

Playing with the practice of contrast and clarity will help you to understand this further. Through the contrast, understand your own originating intention from when the thought form first appears. Become clearer and clearer using this method to manifest what is truely available to you now in your highest potential.

The role driver is amplification.

It is made available to assist with the frequency distribution – how much or many a frequency can reach.


Signs of an disharmonised transistor –
• Mid body issues.
• Feeling scattered and lacking direction or out of control.
• Over commitment.
• Bloated and slow moving or little motivation.
• Effected by the weather and surrounding environment.

Signs of a transistor –
• Connection with self, nature and environment.
• Feeling like you are able to help who you have committed to.
• Able to be across the detail and the big picture at the same time.
• Emotional and body harmony

Examples of a transistor are weather and ecological functions like lightening, rain, sunshine, waterfalls, fire, metal – magma/ lava, crystals; emotional intuitives.


You can likely sense that there is part of you that applies to each of these tendencies. This would be accurate being that we are the whole in our selves. However, for now I’d like you to consider if there is one that you are drawn to more than the others? How do these tendencies show up for you?


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