I deliver extraordinary tangible support for conscious creators who are time poor parent-preneurs
(of children, fur-kids, businesses).
Supporting you to make your time investments count.

Are you ready to evolve your lifestyle business to serve, scale and support your monumental mission?

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your days filled with flow, being with whatever reaaaally feels right for you in each moment.

Where you feel you have all the time in the world

No pressure. No lack. No feeling pulled or stuck. 

No more missing out.

You’ll have more than enough time, energy and resource to go around.

Sounds like bliss right!?
pale pink with white icons of seed 1st phase of progressively passive income growth Leah Kearns Catalyst Mentor

Here’s what I know as truth.

Day to day you hit your capacity again and again when it comes to issues with…

  • time,
  • money,
  • specialised skills,
  • finding a conscious way to do it,
  • hiring a team member that feels good with who you are and gets you and how important that it ‘feels right’, and
  • you’re blocked by the practical ‘how-to’ to make it work.


So you invest even more time searching without finding answers that feel right 🤦‍♀️

script font text: hey creator! Leah Kearns Mentor

You want someone to do it for you. 

Well, you’ve found it!

My extraordinary tangible support covers the part you don’t want to do. Think logically, rationally and linearly. Let’s be honest. They can really muck up your flow.

So I’ll cover your three key left-brain lifestyle business needs. With feminine flair. 💃

Think of me as your fairy-god brain when it comes to tech, templates and team resources to make your time investments count.

This means you’ll keep your costs down and have everything ready for the right hire in the aligned timing. 

While you grow it all as progressively passive income!

pale pink with white icons of sprout 2nd phase of progressively passive income growth Leah Kearns Catalyst Mentor

Tech + Templates + Team = Time Freedom

Progressively passive income means your time and costs come down. Your income and energy goes up.

It’s progressively passive.

It’s the golden path to time freedom 🙌

It grows as you do. You create it in your attractor energy. And then you progressively get someone else to do it for you.

I’m here for you as your catalyst mentor in this time of growth and transition with –
  • tangible resources to save you time, and
  • emotional and energetic support to steady your starship.


The timing is now to be the creator, founder and investor that makes the difference you’re here to create.

pale pink with white icons of stand strong tree 3rd phase of progressively passive income growth Leah Kearns Catalyst Mentor
Lets-get-started Leah Kearns


Time freedom feeling Leah Kearns jumping at the beach with blue hues and the tide going out catalyst mentor

“Created through investing in conscious, practical and progressively passive income streams.
‘Time Freedom’ liberates Creators to consciously create a future for themselves, their families, their businesses and humanity.”

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Free Group Services

Inspiring resources and space to begin honing your creator skill set, mind set and tool set for practical growth.

Self Study Short-Courses

Tangible information, knowledge and skill that you can apply directly to your circumstances.

Extraordinary Memberships

Time leveraged services you can offer your conscious audience. While working with the field of what’s coming next.

I'm Leah Leah Kearns magnitude maker wellbeing business life activation consultant

I’m your new catalyst mentor. I happily accept! 

Just like you, I’m a creator, founder, investor and here to be different to effect planetary-wide positive change.

Meeting new creators, I start by checking “what result are you wanting?”.

Nine times out of ten the answer is “I want to help more people with my work”.

So we dig a little deeper and the commonality is a desire to –

  1. have greater time freedom
  2. receive passive income, and then
  3. expand their contribution in support of the evolution of consciousness with humanity 🙌 (aka. help more people).

And because you’ve landed here with me on my starship of the internet, my guess is that you’re one of those nine too.

I’m excited you’re here! 👏💗

Leah Kearns Desktop pyramid magnitude maker activation consultant work wellbeing business

I found the strongest message of my work!

Before I was working with Leah I was in need of a new business pathway that utilised my existing skills and opened them to a new, aligned audience.

During our time together Leah helped me find the strongest message of my work, refine it and turn it into a course that appealed to my existing clients and a whole realm of new potential clients.

It has changed the trajectory of my business, which seems to have grown in depth as much as in reach.

Leah is a genius in what she can envisage and create, and her capacity to draw gold from her clients and support them to realise and utilise their gold, is incredible. I feel so blessed to have worked one on one with her.

Working with Leah allowed me to stop second-guessing myself, or judging myself from the outside, and just get on with what needs to be done.

Lisa Foley, Founder and Creator of The Artosphere

As Seen...

I've stopped putting pressure on myself and instead trust, follow the templates & amazing things follow.

I came to Leah as a published author looking to transfer my knowledge and passion for helping people understand themselves into online courses.

We’ve worked together understanding our outcome of making courses yet the uniqueness of this experience was incomparable to anything I have experienced before.

Leah challenged me to not just deliver what I knew but to go back and sit with it, to listen, to trust myself and to then not be afraid to let the creative journey come to life.

I’ve stopped putting pressure on myself and instead trust that if I stop and follow the guidelines that she has established then amazing results will follow.

I found my space, my creative family. Where I am fully supported firstly by myself and then our beautiful community to not hold myself back but to allow myself to explore my full potential. Where I get to share the joy of working with others who work like that too.

Leah has founded the recipe for the future for all of mankind, where things turn to gold because we can listen to our souls. Honored and blessed and forever grateful to be part of her team.

Mel Ryan, 100% You

Mel Ryan client compliment Leah Kearns

Are you ready to evolve your business to serve, scale and support your monumental mission?

Get instant access to my ebook with 5 key codes to uncover and reprogram your mission interrupter and begin to grow your business again today: