July Forecast

Collective Energy Forecast for ‘July’:


No more hanging on, grasping for control! This month’s energy of July brings with it the opportunity to move beyond surrender to Acceptance.

Acceptance is that deep restful space where you can just be with what is, not what isn’t.

No longer fighting and struggling with all the drama and happenings of the situation.

There is also the opportunity for Emergence. Emergence is the essence of the soul expressed. Are you choosing the reality of your creation or someone else’s? This is the truth of Human 2.0;

Using the fire of emergency emerge-ncy. Using the fire for the underlying kick to this essence.

An urgency of presence is also being pulled in – relinquishing control and allowing flow through the vessel – you, through acceptance – beyond surrender and allowing you to #restback into the container of acceptance, rather than the contents.

It’s like someone has said to me,

‘do you realise your knuckles are turning white and you’re being crippled under the weight of all you are holding onto?’

Then I have the moment of realisation that I actually am… followed by the relief that I can actually let go.


A key aspect of something that is helping me with this is contemplation. Contemplation in order to cultivate awareness and then release of all contents for liberation of pure essence and inspiration to flow through me.

Another aspect is commitment to my individuated Self and my commitment to the collective from all available perspectives. My individuated self is the the self that is reading the lines of the script and acting them out in the moment to moment reality. The higher self is the one with the copy of the script though, telling me nah, it’s ok it all works out fine!!

Another aspect is creating awareness in relationships.

Relationships are actually for me about the interrelationship between all things.


The forth aspect is reclamation of feminine energy (nurturing, lateral thinking, creativity, abundance) leading me to into a collaboration space with my community and sharing more for prosperity of all.

The final aspect for me is about remaining in being and becoming – being ok with not being seen by external validation. In these moments for me the perfect question that comes is “what would your heart say to you right now?”. For me in those moments I get a much kinder and more comforting answer than what my inner critic is trying to tell me about not being acknowledged, attributed and raised on a pedestal. This creates an experience of invisibility for me which I am learning to love when I can sit in this space of acceptance.

July seems to be all about the challenge – So helping me to see when the challenge shows it’s gnarled and wise old face is my old friend Awareness. Awareness through what is coming up, helping me to see the expectations I may have placed on something when the expectation doesn’t eventuate into what I have logically assumed it would or how I would have intellectually have liked it.

This leads me back to Acceptance.



Reflection – Reflect upon Life Experience

The card for this months is asking us to pause for a moment of reflection to create an opportunity for the integration of all that has been expereinced, especially recently.

Know that with this pause comes deep recharge of the creation energy and the well will again overflow with additional levels of abundance.

This month access this abundance energy through continuing to align with your greatest and highest connected reality, calling in opportunities for growth, to assist others and birth of new life incarnated – a new you.



Pic Credit: Cards by Emily Kisvarda



A suggested practice to help you experience more Acceptance and Reflection in your July is to sit in the clearance of the sun energy – sol absorption. Pause in the space that is being created that is calling up and preparing us for our Emergence.

Leo energy allowing the fire to come through you and be applied to the spaces in your life that require burn off – like solar flare and be the witness, the observer. There’s a clearing in preparation of emergence.

A last little suggested practice for July is:

S – stillness and silence

T – to

O – open

P – perception


How is July opening you up through Acceptance and Reflection?


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