June Forecast

Collective Energy Forecast for ‘June’:

Human 2.0

With the full force of the solstice upon us and stepping through the shadow of the dark new super moon, the last two weeks is inviting us yet again to be something more.

It seems every six weeks there is a wave. An opportunity further calling us into more of who we are. Our true essence.

To be the next evolution of humanity, it is centred around only one thing. Love.

Love really is all you need. This is not meant from a materiality aspect but it is through all other aspects – physicality, emotionality, mentality, psychality and spirituality. Are you in awareness of all that is coming through you? Not only focusing on what is not coming to you?

My friend, astrologer and peer Eloise describes this dark new super moon sitting in the sign of Cancer as The Mother.

To me the MA Mother frequency is one of inner nurture, receiving of courage and encouragement and reflection on advice and what comes up around that emotionally. June brings with it the opportunity to step out the other side of it as a warrior in pursuit of your dreams, the vision of all that you are already and brining that in to practicality and materiality.

But to be the full expression we are asked to reach to the bottom of the barrel and find the hidden gems. Reach through the sludge and see what you have, not what you do not have. Go beyond gratitude and be in heart open appreciation for all that has come through you. All you have divinely manifested through you – without individual consciousness.

So far in June and the beginnings of July I myself have been challenged myself with:

  • Human 2.0
  • Business 2.0
  • Healthcare 2.0
  • Education 2.0
  • Relationships 2.0

These opportunities for growth and soul progression are coming about in more subtle forms these days with my growing #lifepractice of awareness and having the power of observation serving me well. Where it may have taken me 3 weeks before to get over something, now it’s getting down to 3 days and in many cases only 3 hours…

If nothing else the practice of awareness is my greatest teacher to remain in the moment and allowing it to move through and liberate my emotions. Helping me to #leanback and be the container and not all up in the contents. Observe the play of “Leah” from the front stalls but not having to be in the drama of being on the stage.


From the Deck

Intuition & Wisdom: 852Hz Frequency – Third Eye/ Pineal Gland

June is a month to further refine your intuition and wisdom.

This power of this high calibrated frequency brings manifestation to the forefront in access through consciousness. Use this method of conscious manifestation to join with the creation energy of the soul deep within.

This month this guiding frequency is the call to greater empowerment and embodiment through the realisation of your ability to divinely manifest. In the frequency of LA, you can create all which comes through you.

Third Eye/ Pineal Gland – the hub that pulses the nervous system and relays the link from the heart body control centre. It is not shut down, missing or wandered off. It has just refined it’s frequency to speak through the heart. The centre of love, oneness, unity and connection to all that is – the entire Universal consciousness.

It does not speak in a commanding tone, it speaks more like a poet or philosopher in quiet, considered lines of prose. It is encouraging and never halting in it’s courage and determination to offer you opportunities to live your highest potential reality possible.


What is divine manifestation? 

Simply, unconscious manifestation, being. It’s manifestation or creation into the physical of experiences, things, people, currencies and energies that are serving your highest potential and you have not brought them about through conscious manifestation (intention to physical action/ doing).

Ways to bring awareness to divine manifestation –

  • reflection
  • contemplation
  • meditation
  • daydream
  • simply being

Anything that creates the possibility of your mind getting out of the way so the Universal consciousness can be created through you. All you need be is in awareness and receive in appreciation. Be open to receptivity and allow the energy to flow through you as the conduit of receptivity.


How are you in your #lifepractice as Human 2.0?

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