Over the last four weeks since opening our lovely community at community.WE-Being I have been paddling in my vulnerability. It’s not just a paddling pool but an ocean of uncertainty.

All in a days work in leading edge leadership.

When I stand at the leading edge of leadership I view an ocean of possibility. It is the space where I often have feedback about “that sounds like a great idea” or “wow that’s a big vision” or even “Leah, you’re ahead of your time”.


At the leading edge of leadership I am leading my self over the edge. I am staring into the vastness of possibility and stepping over the ledge one foot at a time where the path appears step by step and the landscape changes as I evolve.

At this leading edge I am facing my fear daily. Fear – Feelings Experienced As Reality – I am having alllll the feels and these range from small freak out of why does this matter so much, to the inevitable am I even doing the right thing.

“As a giver, I worry that I’m not providing enough value or being there for you in your moments of exploration, need, discovery and quests for what you’re going through too. This can be to the point of becoming all consuming if I let it.”


There have been many days where it has stopped me from taking the inspired action that I am being called to take. It creates tension in my body and reminds me of past evidence where power was taken, given and not returned; where there was threatening states of being a liver – someone who is for #life.


It asks me to remember my nervous system and to practice allll my tools in order to stabilise my ability to hold greater and greater velocity and quantities of energy. It requires presence within my self and in recognising what is happening inside my body and the remembrance not only of wisdom I have known before but also capacity I may now have access to again through acknowledgement, nurturing, soothing and being the sensitive person I am.

“I am that I AM.”

So although sometimes I may shy away from what’s calling me over the edge, I am here with you standing on that leading edge of leadership and I know that even when I can’t see you standing next to me, you are here too. This is why we are here and I thank you for your service, your trust and your faith in gathering here in our WE-Being community to each in our individual ways, support the growth and evolution of humanity, Gaia and all her inhabitants.

I feel you here with me playing on the leading edge of Self leadership.

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