Lions Gate Roar 8:8:2017

Lions Gate…

Is a portal that yawns open before us. Lions Gate is an astrological event but it’s also more than that. It’s a celestial and U-n-I-versal reconnection.


It is one of powerful intent that opens us to the highest potentiality available to us in this moment.


This particular Lions Gate we are supported by the call of our soul star family who are assisting us to plug into the divine feminine matrix of our harmonious souls template.

This support from our celestial sisters and brothers is available to each of us as we request it. They are waiting for your call. Your wild roar into the wind and your inner essence of raw truth through your soul roar in your request.


It asks us to hold a space of compassion –

compounded unity, communal + passion (deep truth expressed in harmonious exchange of energy) for ourselves first and foremost. To forgive, to love and to hold our own hand in kindness in the remembrance of our collective holographic nature.


To observe this reflecting into our reality of perception and witness as this plays out through nature and the natural elements for us to be inspired to pursue a path of curious wonderment. Notice the seasons and the space they hold for us. Notice the materiality elements and how they make way for each other – metal to earth to fire to air to water. Observe the alchemy of nature and Gaia’s expression through the elements.


This Gate brings with it the reminder of our cosmic self allows us to zoom out to hold our full power and empowerment as embodied as we pass through this portal. The amplification of this energy is creating a global and intergalactic ripple of electromagnetic harmonics.

These harmonics are in turn fine tuning the resonance of the unified collective which is humanity’s purpose in this point of the current timeline.


The propulsion of this gateway offers residual burn of stagnancy as we move further into the fractal holographic.

Taking time to consider your current awareness laid before you in your reality and in appreciating your retrospective journey will hold you in steady strength as we approach the apex of this vortex.


This Lions Gate is also just that. A star Gate to assist with the increasing influx of diamond fractal energy. Incoming in support for humanity’s purpose. Feel the absorption of this energy in the light breeze, the mist of the morning or the dancing of the sunlight with your shadow.

This Gate is open in support of your willingness at this time and allows you to reconnect and re-absolve with soul fractals key to your incarnation experiences in your highest potential in your current timeline.


This is not the time to hold to control but instead allow in willingness for what is complete to flow through. Finally for many they will feel they are able to emotionally let go. This is due to the collective heart space beginning to entrain to Gaia’s heart rhythm. The rhythm of unity. The rhythm of support. The rhythm of community.

The process of letting go however for some is peppered with the individuated selfs entrained capacity to the lower frequencies of the 4th dimension – the conscious mind of the collective. There is still much turmoil and confusion of messaging and meaning in this frequency. Allow this Gate to soften your gaze, bring in the gentle caress of compassion and heighten your aspect of humanity’s experience as an empathic society.

To feel another’s experience and hold them in compassion.

To stand with them in unity but in individuated responsibility.


In acceptance of the pruning this burn off process brings, so too will this movement bring opportunities beyond cerebral and intellectual cognition. The highest potentiality can be felt through the most subtle of these suggestions and may stem from what appears to have been the most simple and small movement.

These ripples run deep, far and the best are invisible, or rather visible only between you and the creator, Universe, Source, God.


Observance of the relationship or interrelationship between these moments of breadcrumbs will lead you to your own gingerbread house. This time not as a tale to be hoped, grasped and willed but instead with solid foundations and base/ root chakra needs met. But remain loose, disentangled and unattached to that which is coming.

The more we can hold to the truth of the moment instead of what isn’t, the more we are able to open to all that which is available to us to experience.


What are you choosing as your current experience?

Is there another perspective available as we step though this portal?

Let us share our powers of observance – what is this energy for you? How do you sense it? Is there anything 1 area you’re being called to apply it to in your life through this energetic amplification portal of the Lions Gate? How is it assisting you with the rest of the August Energy of Gateways.


Lions Gate in Business

It’s the alignment of your previous big decisions. It’s the opportunity to step into your crystalline essence.

Have confidence to step through your destiny. Be and become all you are being called to be. What does this feel like for you? What is your true soul expressed essence asking you in this moment to co-create as?

How do you navigate the dance of trust, allowing, grace and confidence of form through your every cell to become expressed through you?


Perhaps curious enquiry of what is in the present moment?

“Steer where you’re going, can’t change where you’ve been”


The opening of this portal is one of immense energy that encourages alchemy – the opportunity of the truth of the soul.

This gateway asks for us to leave behind the attached mind – this is the mind of the individualised mind. The mind that hold space onto what was, has expectation about what may be. But holds you to account of what your hidden potential is, while also keeping you safe within your known environment.

Take understanding of Self and what the Self is requesting of you and consider I think in perspective of the greater unified collective. Does it appear different now?




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