Manifesting the next generation

Creating a connected conscious community has been more than a moment of me hoping for a future that is brighter and more congruent than the one we are living in.

For me, it has been a living, breathing and consistent adjustment to hold an intention that goes beyond a picture in my mind.

“It’s been 3 very interesting years to bring this manifestation into the physical.”

3 years + 1 week ago I left corporate. I had no idea what was next for me. I just knew my soul was asking for me to choose again. A different option, anything…

At that time I put myself into retreat in my own apartment and for the next 6 months it was the beginning of something big that I knew was coming down the line.

I always felt like I was here for more. Like there was something calling me to create something that had never been seen or experienced before.


During that six months, my then fiancé and I took a trip to Central America to spend time with my friend that lived there and I was shown (and activated by) the sacred sites, the way a local would experience them.

One day in hotel room in Nicaragua, after travelling for 6 weeks already I had this flash. It was me in a space that was a place of community. One of deep connection. A place where people could be themselves and have conscious conversations. Where they could access the support that they needed to be live holistically and be well-beings.

This vision unfolded before me but the key thing was how it made me feel. Free. Total freedom.

“I held that vision in my heart and on return to Australia I began to try to build a business that was what I was feeling.”


With my soul-wounding and conditioned logic I tried and tried and tried. Being the alchemist, maga magician and strategic business consultant I am, I would create, test, implement and iterate.

My connection, reclamation and remembering of all I am through these years, as well as a very strong and supportive family, healing team and life-long friends, have all contributed their energy to this great day of manifestation.

That day is today. Today I manifested what I have been feeing for the last 3 years, into our physical reality. My community platform that I started 3 years and 1 week ago from only an inkling that there was something more for me to create, be and experience.

Manifestation is not about time and patience.
It’s about timing and trust.

Know it’s coming and know what inspired actions you need to take to make it a thing.
Don’t ever give up on you.

Love your supporters and practice compassion and empathy for those who are not, for those people are actually the greatest encouragers of our deepest transformations to help in this journey of mastering manifestation.
They were my greatest opportunities for reclaiming my manifesting power and correcting my connection to my natural path of highest potentiality.

What are you feeling that is driving your manifestation?




If you are interested in my new connected conscious community platform – WE-Being community, you can find information here to see more details about what it’s about and I invite you to join us.




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