March : Beat your own Drum

March is asking us to be exactly that. March to the beat of your own drum. Feel the rhythm of excitement as it courses through our veins and regulates our intentions in drip fed, manageable chunks that are asking us to pause on the precipice of our greatness.

In writing this toward the mid-point of the month – that is with the moon at 88% full – the energy of the collective in March is asking us to stop and take consideration for how we allow people to be in our life. This might be how they  support us, help us or even interact with us.

“stop and take consideration for how we allow people to be in our life”


Have you noticed yourself speaking up at all? This is coming through the collective as the opportunity to regain our power. There’s a conscious and unconscious process happening where we can’t help but act, speak and respond in our truth. Finding ways to navigate this can be a little tricky sometimes with some experiences being more sticker than others.


There are times where people and relationships we have had for a long time are being called to be seen in a new light – the light of dawn. In this new light, we’re being asked to soften into the opportunity of the feminine. For some of us it can feel very foreign to hold a soft approach. After all we have spent millennia building our armour, only to have it dissolve away in the tears that are now finally being able to flow in  this new light of dawn – the Age of Empathy.

“tears that are now finally being able to flow in  this new light of dawn – the Age of Empathy”


As we crystallise into our new form we are also given the opportunity to remember the archetypal energy of forgiveness. This is often depicted as Jesus, Joshua, Isa, Jesús.

The time of Easter is also often represented as the timed experience of birth and rebirth. For our northern hemisphere friends the season of Spring and those of us in the southern hemisphere it is time to rest, restore and contemplate.


March encourages each of us to become congruent with the reality we are each creating. To know our patterns of reaction, to realise our ability to respond and to be able to pause in our rationalisation.

“Using the harmony of these three key ingredients to create our own essence cohesion.”

Ways to begin to work with these 3 ingredients:

  1. Recognise the role your 3 brains play – gut, heart, mind. These are syncing, entraining and resonating with your environment, with those around you, with the food you eat and the material and content you are ingesting.
  2. Identify activities you enjoy spending time in – the ones where you loose track of time and forget, albeit temporarily, about your to-do list.
  3. Create space for fresh or refreshed things to come in. As our human self we are a finite container of energy. We are contained within the parameters of the physical body as part of our Self experience – one of the dimensions of the 3rd dimension consciousness that we live in.


Clarity of Purpose

We’ve all heard of the Rocks, Pebbles and Sand Story. We can always fill our days with more things to do, but experiencing the things that are important to us takes space.

March is asking us to clarify our purpose , which is actually purpose as meaningful (to us) intended actions not as definition of who we are and what we do as an identify to make us feel safe and useful.

To understand our purpose in this way takes space for contemplation. It takes connection to our Self and consideration of our needs. Lastly it takes awareness, consciousness to provide us insight. This guidance will continue to provide us with the opportunity to expand into our own individual greatness.


And a great you, is a great collective.

How are you standing in your greatness in March?




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