I hear Peru calling me!

Yesterday was a travelling day from Kauai, Hawaii back home to Melbourne, Australia. Plenty of time for reflection from the last ten days after spending time with facilitators Liesel Albrecht from The Retreat Specialists and Retreats for Resorts and Jeanne Russell from Dolphin Touch Wellness Center exploring and remembering all aspects of the ancient connections to Lemuria. I’ll share more on my retreat reflections in the coming days.

A major piece that bubbled to the surface during the final days of the retreat for me was the call to visit Peru, in particular the sun-gate at Machu Picchu.

My kind home-host for the stay was Charlotte Scott Russell from Luminous Light Centre Kapaa, Hawaii who shared an incredible story with me about her own journey to the sun-gate in Peru and also another retreat participant who shared an inspiring story with me about her time in the Citadel of Machu Picchu also.

I have wanted to go since my husband (then boyfriend) Alan went, back in April 2012, just after we had met.

But this call has gotten stronger through the activation I experienced at Waimea Canyon this week in Kauai.

At Waimea Canyon
Waimea Canyon rainbow in valley


Now I feel it’s time to head back to Central America and to also explore South America.

Interested in coming too?
I have some idea so far of what we’ll be experiencing…

Here’s what I’ll be hosting and facilitating with other key subject matter mentors that you can join us for 1 section or for both –
Section 1 :: South America ::

+ Inca shamanic remembrance;
+ Sun-gate blessings and solar activation : Intihuatana (the Sun Dial), the Sacred Plaza, the Temple of the Sun and Intipunku (the Sun Gate) at the Citadel of Machu Picchu;
+ Rainbow mountain discoveries in Ausangate, called “Vinicunca;
+ Traditional medicinal plant and aromatic herbal treatments;
+ Highlights in Cusco, Lima and views of Andes mountains.

Section 2 :: Central America ::

+ Whale Shark snorkelling and whale song connection in Mexico;
+ Cenotes water purification ceremony in Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico;
+ Mayan activation and traditional medicine awareness through experiencing Chichen Itza;
+ Wisdom remembrance of Mayan site Xunantunich in Belize;
+ Rastafarian immersion of Caye Caulker Belize;
+ Pele volcano magic with views to Volcán de Fuego from Antigua Guatemala;
+ Experience yoga and transmissions with the land at Lake Atitlán Guatemalan Highlands of the Sierra Madre;
+ Indigenous hand-crafted artisan experience;
+ Tikal temples – Temple of the Grand Jaguar, Temple of the Masks, North Acropolis and the Central Acropolis.


If you’re interested in conscious travel with like-minds and kind-hearts, Mayan or Incan culture and feel the call to explore this further – get in touch to register your interest.



I was originally going to run this retreat back in 2017 after our original trip to Central America the year before in 2016, after I had left corporate, but pushed it indefinitely out due to what I felt was part of my conscious conception journey. I now realise this is the power of control of the mind. The graphic below was part of the guided tour I had put in place but that I couldn’t quite get out there in time. In fact it as 12 months ago that I made that!

But all in good timing!

The depth of wisdom and activation that has come through since my original journey to the Mayan sites has created such an amplification for me and was a huge turning point in my awareness and activation of my gifts, as well as my channeling abilities and understanding and appreciation for the expansiveness that comes through metaphysics.


I will release the details soon to include – all contribution costs, optional extras, inclusions and further details on dates, what you’d need to bring etc. So drop me a note if you are keen to get these.

After I release the details you are welcome to book a chat to have questions answered and to see if this this retreat is congruent with you.

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