Timeline Shift, Split, Mergence – Current Reality


August is more of the emergence of the Human 2.0 timeline and experience. We’re walking through a time of dissolution and development of discernment.


As timelines are merely a mental construct, we are able to manipulate them (like a physical body worker would with the body energies) to release stagnancy, latency and complacency once we are open to changing our perception.

Our perception is governed by our viewpoint; that is our portal/ frame/ image of ourselves that we are currently considering ie. experiencing as our reality.


Once we are open to shifting our perception, the opportunity to move to a new viewpoint opens up. When we have reached the frames in that series that are open (like tabs on a web browser) our reality starts to slow down for us to have time for us to consider higher alternatives and possibilities.


This is when an alternate timeline becomes available to our consciousness it is a decision point. It can be a “sliding doors” moment, or built upon a series of other decisions.

It links back to your current natural resonance state. The timelines that are able to come into your awareness, are calibrated according to this state. When you are willing to truly drop the lived, learned or inherited beliefs and controlling behaviours you are then able to collapse timelines and step through into your new reality. No one can truly do this for you, for this is linked to your freewill – your perception


There is an ability of course to be experiencing several timelines at once all converging into your reality as remembering these are merely viewpoints – frames of reference and context.

There can appear through perception as individual, individual in the collective and collective viewpoints. As always there is the opportunity to experience the macro or the micro within the macro (repeat, repeat) as the “babushka doll effect” – holographic existence/ fractal infinity/ mirror experience.


The present timeline collapse is therefore available to us all at this time to collapse our viewpoint and context frame/ reference pane (pain) on key collective issues, believed to be occurring at individual viewpoints

These are presenting as the energies of governance, scientific medical, control, allowing, receiving, passion, purpose and service.

Consider your current understanding and experience of these energies – is there a new viewpoint available?


But what happens in the timeline collapse?

The mergence of what was and emergence of highest potential is the timeline collapse.
Simply, the energies holding open the conditioning construct begin to dissolve and re-merge with the source fractal.


This means an ah-ha moment or two. But as a timeline shift is a cumulative process, considering retrospectively is a great tool of vision for perspective. For the final ah-ha that brought down the scaffold of you straddling the two timelines generally would have been so subtle, given the higher frequency.


For as you live in to the high frequencies your experience of energy becomes subtler and the subtler as you fine tune your Intuitive Types in your ability to receive and be in awareness, allowing and recognition.

This is why most energies cannot be seen with the naked eye – they are far too fine/ too subtle.


Timeline collapse is available at this time to coincide with the highest potential for all of humanity. It’s being assisted with the Lions Gate, Harmonic Convergence and the biggest solar flares we’ve seen in recent times.

In order to set through this transition, simply maintain your awareness, acknowledge what is coming/ presenting to you and being presented to you and take time for the shadow and the gift in contemplation of what is being presented. For it is through the power of awareness, connection and community at that this future timeline exists and can exist in your current reality.


What reality are you choosing to experience?

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