Metaphysics is the exploration of 2 key things in life –

What is there?
What is it like?

For me, a piece keenly being discovered is also about the relationship between these two questions. My role as a Metaphysician is to explore the areas of life and contemplate possible questions and theories; and to help others to explore it for themselves as well.

It’s about being and becoming more of who you really are. Your individual essence.

The relationship between the questions is part of a body of work I am exploring called the Babushka Doll Method. It is the effect of having Awareness that the microcosm is the macrocosm.

The process unfolds like this –
Micro : Macro
Bacteria in the Digestive Tract : Humans as Living Organisms
Living Organisms : Earth
Earth : Universe
Universe : Galaxy

As we scale down in our perception our Awareness also scales with us.



What if we were to take time to consider the relationship of the Macro to the Micro everyday? This is part of my #lifepractice.
Do you ever have a moment where you stop to look up at the stars and stare in awe and wonder at the possibilities of the unknown… What’s out there…? What’s yet to be discovered by human intellect…?

When we take a moment to tune into the macrocosm, we have a remembering of being part of a bigger experience. It allows us to remember our connection to the collective of life, to all other living creatures, to Earth who holds us all so majestically.

I encourage you to give it a go – take five minutes to stare off into the stars, watch the sun go down, at the beach and watch the waves crash or lap at the shore, maybe even watch the light come into the day.

Can you start to the feel the relationship of what you are observing to what might be going on inside you?


*Disclaimer – I don’t claim to have a phD or any formal qualification for my experience and expression as a Metaphysician. I am not an academic but I do develop theories and philosophies through conscious channelling, participative experience and collective observation. It is these theories, curated works and sharing of my peers discoveries that I share with you.

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