Soul + Strategy + Systems Business Consultant and Advisor

Work with me if you are a micro - solo and small businesses to design and implement your business, to suit you.
Using intuition to create and master your business, making it sustainable, scaleable and prosperous by helping others.
  • Small Business Strategy through intuition
  • Business review and up-levelling planning
  • Systems mentor
  • Intuition & Mindset
  • Integrated Well-being consultant
  • Next phase business and well-being activation

Soul + Strategy + Systems Check-In

1x 60 min Online Consultant Session

  • Connect and capture your and my intuitive business brilliance
  • Map your Business Model
  • Check for in-congruency
  • Get grounded direction

Initial Session AU$140
This is for you if: You're not sure where to next, business things feel overwhelming and you need some help to collect your thoughts and get clear on where-to next that would benefit you right now.

Follow On Session – AU$250

  • Key highlight notes
  • Video and audio recording of session

This is for you if: You've hit a wall or a ceiling in your business and life.

  • You're maxed out time wise and don't know what else to do.
  • or You want to create your next course, offering or program and need a direction or how-to.
  • or You just want to be heard by someone who has been there as well and can help you see the curve of the path ahead.

Chai & a Plan

1× 90 min Online Consultant Session

  • Connect and capture your and my intuitive business brilliance
  • Strategy for your Business
  • Support for your Soul and Self
  • Systems check with "how-to" next
  • Documented notes and Business Orientation Map for implementation
  • Video and audio recording of session


This is for you if:  You want support to create a business structure or project that fits with your varied schedule. You want an individual, not one size fits all solution/approach.

  • or You want support with the creation of automation and systems.
  • or You want to map out your entire marketing and *scelling strategy.
  • or You'd like to consider your #life map for integrating your spirituality into all life areas.

*Scelling is what happens in the relationship or consultative selling stages of getting to know, like and trust you; and continues for the life of the relationship as the exchange of cellular information between you and your client; or energy exchange for short.

Longer Term Mentoring & Advisory Consultancy Services

Packages available by application:

  • Intuitive Business Practitioner - 3 Month
    • Accreditation for working with clients in your current modalities with supportive energetic and intuitive tools.
  • Intuitive Business SoulMind - 6 Month
    • Core group of peers in biz working to incorporate soul + strategy + systems to leverage their investments in their biz.
  • Intuitive Business Mentorship - 12 Month
    • Internship and accreditation for mentoring clients with your current modalities and provide them with energetic and intuitive support.
  • Intuitive Business Facilitator - 18 Month
    • License, internship and accreditation for mentoring clients with your current modalities to provide them with energetic and intuitive support and facilitate training sessions for Intuitive Business Mentors.